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Menu / Price List

Custom orders are available! Please come by the shop to look at our daily offerings and see a larger list of everything we can do

About Us


Our Specialties

We specialize in European-style artisanal breads as well as modern American varieties. We will also have a large selection of pastries, desserts, and delicacies modeled after French, Italian, Spanish and American favorites.


Our Other Offerings

We have a growing selection of take and bake items which allow our customers to serve our products, hot and delicious, to their own supper table. Try a hedgehog bread, cheesy garlic bread, or order a party ring today!

Additionally, part of our shop is set aside to display the homemade goods of local artisans - such as jewelry, soaps and candles and embroidery.


Our Sense of Community

We are deeply rooted in our communities and love bringing traditional as well as modern selections to the shop for you to try. We would love to serve you, your family, or your whole party. Contact us for a consult!